• Rare Pear

    Unique Romanian Pear Drink

  • Near Danube River, with pear flavour.

    Rare Pear

  • Bujoru. True Romanian spirit.

About Rare Pear

Rare Pear is a genuine Romanian product, its uniqueness coming from the preparation method. It is a 52% alcohol drink whose flavour is given by a pear which has grown inside the bottle until it ripened. The pear flavour enriches the drink and has become the best ambassador of the Bujoru pear orchards.

Rare Pear

Born from the passion of a handful of people.

Where? In Bujoru

In the southern part of Romania, close to the Danube River.


Strong. The fruit guarantees an authentic taste.

Customer Feedback

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A short presentation of our products from the very beginning.

Twins Collection

The 2017 edition brings Premium Rare Pear.

Qs and As

If you're curious about how it al began.

How did it all begin?

Not long ago, in 2010, standing in the garden and admiring the pear orchard, the idea of using pears in a special way took root in our heads. In a short while, through hard work and passion, the idea has turned into reality.

What about the name "Rare Pear"?

After a few discussions with our designer and a market survey, we have reached the conclusion that Rare Pear reflects the passion and effort that guided us from the very beginning and made it all possible.

Quality, taste?

This genuine natural drink represents the best nature has to offer. The ripened pear inside the bottle certifies once more the natural ingredients and adds a specific flavour.


Located in the southern part of the country, midway between Giurgiu and Turnu Magurele, close to the Danube River, in Bujoru.

Tourist Attractions in Romania

There's an old Romanian saying: "You're going to need a bigger bag if you go picking pears”

In other words, we like to take any opportunity to talk about this beautiful country of ours, all the places worth visiting, the variety of landforms and many others. That's the reason we have decided to add the current section to our website.

In addition to the list of tourist attractions below, we invite everyone to visit the southern part of the Romanian Plain, between Giurgiu and Turnu Magurele, a true fairyland with lush vegetation bordered in the south by the mighty Danube River.

Blessed with a mild sub-meditarranean climate, fresh air, soil suitable for horticulture and diversified flora and fauna, this region has everything one could wish for. The visitors will surely remember this land as well as the quality of the pears grown here whenever they drink a glass of Rare Pear.

Rare Pear in numbers

Our success is measured by the people's reaction. Plenty of happiness. And the story goes on...

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